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Our intensive tennis camps allow juniors to refine their level in a short period of time. At Mouratoglou Academy, we accompany young players every step of the way. The site of our academy is entirely dedicated to the practice of tennis in high-level competition. We have more than 30 clay and hard surface tennis courts available to our young pupils. We offer intensive camps all year round. Pupils are individually supervised by our internationally renowned coaches. They benefit from Patrick Mouratoglou’s unique and very effective coaching method.


Why enrol on a junior intensive tennis camp?

These training sessions are considered intensive as they place youngsters in an environment completely dedicated to the practice of tennis at a high level. Intensive tennis camps allow juniors to work single-heartedly on improving their sports performance. Excellence is one of our requirements. We are committed to instiling it in our young pupils. Our junior intensive tennis camps are designed to improve your child’s sports performance by refining their tennis skills. Our training method is proven and its results recognised worldwide!

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When is the best time to take an junior intensive tennis camp?

These training courses can be taken all year round. Our facilities are perfectly adapted and their environment, particularly the climate, is particularly favourable. Feel free to choose the dates that you feel are best for your teenager. If, on the other hand, you wish to take advantage of intensive preparation for an important upcoming tournament, the timing of the camp should be considered according to the dates of the competition in question. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find the perfect dates for your child.


Why choose to do an junior intensive tennis camp?

The international junior circuit has become extremely competitive. Our intensive tennis camps, accompanied by our coaches and thanks to our unique method of preparation, allows us to substantially and lastingly raise the level of sporting performance of our pupils. Our intensive training courses also ensure peak physical fitness for a major tournament.

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