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A children’s weekend competition tennis camp: for who and why ?

Is your child passionate about tennis and wants to play at a high level? Now is a good time to sign up for a children’s weekend competition tennis camp at the Mouratoglou Academy.

What will they learn during this intensive weekend? They will experience the life of a champion: physical training and team sports follow intense sessions on the tennis court and, perhaps, matches in official competitions.

This camp is the best way to learn about the rigor and discipline required to play tennis at a high-level and to really know if this is the path for them.

Competition: an ever-important skill ?

Tennis, especially if it is played competitively, is a demanding discipline that has great health benefits, both physical or mental. It improves cardiovascular capacity, tones muscles, and strengthens joints while learning to analyze different situations.

It promotes friendly relationships and emotional stability by promoting values ​​of fair play and helping each other out. All these aspects are increased tenfold when practiced at a high level. Tennis requires significant investment and very a lot of work.

Attending a children’s weekend competition tennis camp is a great idea if your child wants to continue their practice outside of school hours. They can make the most of their free time and have fun developing their physical and mental skills.


The weekend:  The best time for a children’s competition camp ?

There is an atmosphere of healthy competition on tennis courts during competitions. Children love this atmosphere and ask for more. A children’s weekend competition tennis camp at the Mouratoglou Academy is a launchpad to success if your child wants to practice their favorite sport at a high level.

During this intensive and short camp, they have the opportunity to meet the best players and analyze their games. They can try to reproduce them and develop their analytical skills. They’ll also have a lot of fun.

Children’s weekend competition tennis camps bring together 5 or 6 children of approximately equal level and are designed to allow them to maximize and express their full potential, so they can progress quickly and visibly improve their forehands and backhands.

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