Tennis camp for children beginner intensive 

Tennis camp for children beginner intensive: the best way to start ?

Are you passionate about tennis, do you want to start playing as a real champion? An intensive beginner’s tennis course can be a fantastic introduction to playing the sport. In a sports center designed to train high-level athletes, the student will acquire the fundamentals of tennis through a personalized training scheme. These courses are designed to meet the specific needs of each player, both technically and physically. In addition to the daily tennis training sessions, group sports sessions allow young tennis players to fully explore their physical and technical potential. Ideal for starting out in tennis, an intensive beginner’s tennis course for children will meet the expectations of young budding champions.



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A tennis camp for children beginner intensive: the best way to start ?

Accessible from 10 years old, the intensive beginner tennis camps are aimed at young people who want to discover the sport. It is possible to sign-up at any time, before the start of the official season or during school holidays. Young players who already have one or two years of experience can also opt for the intensive beginner’s tennis course. They will learn to consolidate their skills, but also develop them before moving on to competition level. Our young tennis players are fully supported by the training center, in a camp setting (staying overnight), or attending day school.

Getting started in tennis: why choose an intensive course ?

The intensive course option has many benefits for young athletes who want to discover tennis and progress quickly. It’s a full immersion course: the daily life of the student is punctuated by various training sessions, as well as regular assessments that they carry out with their coaches. The young players also benefit from high-quality support. They will meet athletes of a high-level throughout the course, and will directly benefit from their expertise in order to improve their own level of play. An intensive course will allow a young sportsperson to improve their physical fitness while learning the fundamentals of the sport. A high-quality and 360-degree method, the intensive course will also allow young tennis enthusiasts to acquire solid foundations, essential for progressing to the next level.

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