Tennis camp for beginner adults during the holidays 

Make the most of your holidays to learn how to play tennis! When you are a beginner, a training camp is the best solution to acquire solid tennis basics. It allows beginners to learn more quickly.

 Why do a tennis camp for beginner adults ? 

When you start playing tennis, it’s best to learn the right moves from the start. The Mouratoglou Academy’s coaches offer you a tailor-made coaching, according to your desires, your progress, they will concoct a personalized programmme for you. You will quickly master the basics to have fun on the court: racket grip, forehand, backhand, volley, serve, etc. Our coaches will train you in all aspects of the game, including playing techniques, tennis equipment and nutritional advice. To play against an opponent, the mind is paramount, your personality is taken into account in the development of the training programme. A tennis camp is an opportunity to make rapid progress in a very short period of time.


When to do a beginner level adult tennis camp ?

The best time to do a beginner-level tennis camp is the one that suits you. In our adult lives, it is not always easy to find the time to progress and train. The Mouratoglou Academy’s schedule of beginner-level camps is very flexible to allow you to train for a weekend or a week according to your availability and your expectations. Treat yourself to a real sports break!

Why choose to do an internship during the holidays ?

Holidays are meant to give us a break from our often-busy lives. If you love tennis and want to progress, learn how to play against an opponent, master the ball, develop strategies, learn the right striking techniques or simply improve your game, a camp is the right option. Holidays are a particularly good time for sporting activity, you will exercise, strengthen your mind and enjoy the pleasant climate of the South. The Mouratoglou Academy courts are located not far from Nice, the exceptional infrastructure will greatly contribute to the comfort of your tennis holidays.

Let our coaches accompany you during your holidays and take advantage of the sports hotel complex to follow training worthy of champions.


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