Tennis coaching for children competition weekend

Are you looking to give your child every possible chance of achieving his full tennis potential? The Mouratoglou Academy’s tennis coaching for children competition weekend is dedicated to strong competition performance and will help your child prepare himself in an ideal manner.


Why begin tennis coaching for children competition weekend?

The weekend is the perfect time to take tennis lessons. Your child is completely free and can therefore devote him or herself entirely to a favorite sport. Whether to efficiently prepare for a future tournament or to improve general performance, weekend competition-level tennis coaching at the Mouratoglou Academy will provide your child with thorough and personalized training. Additionally, they can take advantage of facilities devoted entirely to elite tennis training situated on the Cote d’Azure, near Nice, in a remarkably pleasant setting. In fact, our academy is home to many outdoor and indoor courts, a fitness area, a medical center, versatile sports fields, etc. As for the Hotel & Resort facility, look forward to multiple swimming pools, a golf course, spa, professional boutique, restaurant, and cafeteria…


How to choose your tennis coach?

To ensure that tennis coaching for children competition weekend is carried out in an optimal manner, you must choose the right coach.

At the Mouratoglou Academy, we know exactly which qualities are necessary for inspiring passion in young students and helping them progress. Even if most of our coaches happen to be one-time champions, this is not the most important criteria. We seek out first and foremost a talent for communication and the ability to quickly assess young students’ game and understand their personalities in order to provide them with tailor-made training. The role of a good coach is just that, to highlight students’ skills and develop them even further, all the while eliminating weaknesses. A coach must also be able to motivate, especially during tough moments. By reserving tennis coaching for children competition weekend with us, you can rest assured that your child will be in good hands.

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