Teens tennis training

Teens learn fast, a tennis training program will allow them to advance on the court, to master the right gestures and to feel confident.

Why enroll in a teen tennis training program ?

In order for your child to get the best tennis advice, you can hire the services of an experienced coach. This professional will know how to make the young player gain self confidence and will offer him personalized training. The teenager will progress with confidence, will feel at ease on the court and will learn to make the right tennis gestures. The Mouratoglou Academy takes into account the personal project and the needs of each player, the personality of each teenager has a different personality and so their training programs have to be different too. The physical, technical and mental support is complete. Enrolling your teen in a tennis training program means giving your child the opportunity of being well surrounded, of acquiring a solid tennis background and to progress according to his abilities.


How to choose a tennis coach?

At the Mouratoglou Academy we count with more than 20 coaches. The method they used is based on a personalized training. A good coach is one that will help your teen reach the level of tennis performance that he wants and will make him progress according to his capacity. A good coach is trained and has diplomas, he is a teacher and takes into account the mental state of the players that he is training. A professional tennis coach knows the physical limitations of each one of his students and designs a personalized training program in order to support him better. The experience of a coach is often measured by his skills, coaches who have worked with several tennis players have a great ability to adapt. Your teens’ coach knows how to set his priorities, has a sense of responsibility and will design a personalized training plan for him. A coach has to be able to help your teen gain self confidence so it would of course be ideal if they get along well.

He is also a teacher who is in charge of preparing his tennis players mentally and physically with proven methods. The coaches at the Mouratoglou Academy are passionate for what they do, they are pedagogic and at the service of tennis, they know how to discuss, listen, motivate and push their students in order for them to perfect their game.

Trust our coaches to help your teen progress and offer them a solid tennis background thanks to a personalized training.

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