Tennis camp junior weekend

The Mouratoglou Academy organises weekend tennis camps for juniors. These short training camps allow young players to practise their tennis in the best conditions and under first-class coaches. They are assisted every step of the way in an environment entirely dedicated to their competitive tennis practice. Weekends are special times for 13-18-year-olds, free from the week’s school constraints. Our weekend courses allow students to improve efficiently without disrupting their schooling.


Why Enrol on a Junior Weekend Tennis Camp?

During these courses, your teenager will practise their favourite sport without any outside interference. Their competitive tennis practice on the junior circuit puts them in conditions similar to that of the professional circuit. The organisation of these junior weekend tennis camps puts youngsters in an atmosphere conductive to their sporting performance. The training sessions that make up our camp allow them to be individually assisted by our greatest coaches. They will put tennis fundamentals to practise within the framework of Patrick Mouratoglou’s proven and innovative method which the academy’s coaches provide.

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When Is the Best Time to Attend a Junior Weekend Tennis Camp?

These two-day training sessions can conveniently be taken in any season. Our facilities are accessible all year round. Biot, near Nice, is located in a region very favourable to tennis practice throughout the season. Our covered facilities also allow the organisation of courses no matter the weather. You will be able to offer your teenager a junior weekend tennis camp at any time of your choice. If your goal is to allow your child to prepare for an important tournament, please contact us in order to choose the perfect weekend tennis camp.


Why Choose to do a Junior Weekend Tennis Camp?

The weekend is a time when juniors are freed from the academic pressures of the week. These two days of training are a useful complement to the schooling of the rest of the week. It is the perfect time to work efficiently, in total immersion, to improve sports performance. They push the young player to reach their potential in their age category and for their future practice at the next level. They will also benefit from being taught the same method as Coco Gauff and Stéfanos Tsitsipás!


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