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Do you want to improve your serve or to have a passing shot worthy of champions? Sign up for a junior holiday tennis camp! Surrounded by professional coaches, you will be able to work on your weak points and develop confidence on the court.


Why Enrol on a Junior Holiday Tennis Camp?

The fundamentals are best learned at a very young age. Our camps are open to boys and girls who have reached a pre-professional level. Since its creation, the Mouratoglou Academy has been organising sessions for all skill levels. For juniors, our coaches give advice to get them used to behaving like champions. The training camps focus not only on playing technique, but also on personal development. Each day is divided between several hours on the court and other activities. Indeed, tennis requires peak physical fitness.


When Is the Best Time to Take a Junior Holiday Tennis Camp?

The best way to work on the fundamentals is to enjoy the holidays. Once you begin to enjoy it and start playing matches, the desire to progress quickly and in the right conditions becomes greater. To avoid any disruption in schooling, the wisest choice is to sign your teen up to a junior holiday tennis camp. Different plans are available, combining competitions and tournaments to get them into the mind of a pro player. You can combine tennis with other activities such as paddleboarding or golf or even foreign language learning. Depending on the camp chosen, the schedules combine the options with leisure activities.


Why Choose to Do a Junior Holiday Tennis Camp?

Enrolling a teenager or young adult on a Junior Holiday Tennis Camp allows them total immersion throughout the experience, depending on the objectives. They will live with other like-minded and passionate teenagers in facilities dedicated to sport and tennis. They’ll stay on campus with kids of their own age. After their day of training, they can also meet the family at the resort. The camp is designed as a stay that is entirely dedicated to tennis and personal development to boost your child’s skills on the court.

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