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Send your child to a Juniors’ Tennis camp for competitions over a weekend! Our academy specializes in preparing young tennis players for competition. Our weekend camps allow Juniors to take full advantage of our facilities and the very fantastic setting and atmosphere of our academy. Based in Biot, near Nice, we provide trainees have access to more than 30 tennis courts, preparation rooms, and our best sports performance coaches.

Why attend a juniors’ Tennis camp for competitions over a weekend ?

Tennis courses carried out over a weekend do not disrupt the education of the juniors. They can dedicate time to playing competitive tennis, to improve their sports performance. Weekend camps make it possible to work effectively, in total immersion in the world of Tennis, over short periods in which the trainees are totally focussed on competitive Tennis. Tennis camps for juniors and competition over weekends allow effective practice, over a short time, without disturbing the weekday training of young players.



Which period to attend a juniors’ weekend tennis competition camp?

The Mouratoglou Academy organizes camps throughout the year. We are based near Nice, which is the perfect setting. Training and technique perfection for your teenager over a weekend can be done at any time of the year, during the school term, or during the holidays. Your teenager will be able to take full advantage of this camp before an important Junior tournament during the season. These short courses make it possible to practice effectively to improve performance, technique, or fitness, without the risk of exhaustion.

Why choose a weekend camp ?

The main advantage of a juniors’ weekend tennis competition camp is that the course is short enough as not to disrupt daily family or school life. This type of course allows total immersion for two days and allows you to make the most of the practice time, within our required improvement framework which we are committed to bestowing upon our students. These camps can also help to prepare for upcoming competitions.

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