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What are the benefits of a children’s beginner’s tennis course ?

The beginner’s tennis course allows your child to fully immerse themselves in the sport. During the course, they will work intensively on the basics of the sport. Practicing basic techniques, over several days, allows them to learn positions and understand the space of the court around them. The foundations that children learn on these beginner’s courses allow them to improve and have fun throughout their tennis playing career. Compared to more sporadic practice over time, the children’s beginner’s tennis course, with its rhythm and its focus on the fundamentals creates real lasting progress.

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When is it possible to do a children’s beginner’s tennis course ?

The different tennis schools and academies, such as the Mouratoglou Academy, offer different options for tennis courses for beginners. It is possible to attend courses on weekday evenings or at the weekends. There are also very popular children’s holiday beginner’s tennis courses, which take place during the school holidays. This children’s holiday beginner’s tennis course can be as a tennis camp (overnight stays) or a day school option, depending on the age and availability of children and parents. These courses are available during all major school holidays, in particular at Easter or autumn half-term. The most popular course times are the summer holidays summer school.

The benefits of  a children’s holiday beginner’s tennis course

Among the different courses available, the children’s tennis beginner holiday course is the best as children have more energy than at the end of the day after school. During the holiday period, they can focus on tennis and will not be diverted by homework or lessons. The progress made during our tennis beginner’s holiday courses is renowned. Children feel more and more at ease on the court and quickly find their feet. The pleasure they take in playing the sport only increases as the course progresses and they will quickly overcome any difficulties they may have. The holiday beginner’s tennis course allows children to develop their self-confidence more than infrequent lessons.

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