Tennis camp adult training for a week

Are you starting to do well on the court?

Do you train regularly with other adults of a good level?

Do you want to take a step forward, being coached by renowned coaches?

A week-long training tennis camp for adults is certainly what you need to improve your game.

Why do a training tennis camp for adults?

A progression is rarely linear; the tennis player, like other sportsmen and women, evolves in stages. A training camp is the opportunity to make a good forward movement.

  • Get advice from the best tennis coaches

You may not have the practical and financial means to train at a major tennis academy. A tennis camp for adults gives you access to coaching from the best, for a whole week. Even if you are satisfied with your club’s coaches, having a different perspective is always formative.

  • Change the environment for another tennis training session.

Meet other adults in training camp, change your environment, get out of your habits. Challenge yourself during a week of adult training camp to improve your technique and your mind.

  • Benefit from the complete infrastructure of a large training centre

A tennis training centre is a whole universe at the service of your progress: fitness room and coaching, personalized advice on sports preparation, swimming pool and spa for recovery, an atmosphere conducive to surpassing oneself.

When to do a training tennis camp for adults?

  • What is the best time of the year to do a training tennis camp?

In the fall, an internship will be a real booster for your game. You will have the whole year to implement the tips and improve your performance.

In winter or spring, the tennis camp for adults boosts motivation and helps to break bad habits. Remember to choose a centre with covered courts or located in a sunny region.

Summer and school holidays are perfect for those who want to combine a family getaway with tennis training! The Mouratoglou Academy arranges its adult courses to satisfy the whole tribe

  • Weekdays or weekends?

Depending on your availability and preferences, choose what suits you best:

weekend internships, several times a year;

during the week, to enjoy the benefits of long-term immersion.

Why choose to do a tennis camp during the week ?

Get all the benefits of an internship by devoting an entire week to your backhand and forehand.

→ Benefit from a personalized support.

→ Take the time to understand, integrate and implement all the advice of your coach: technique, tennis player’s mind, recovery, physical preparation, nutrition.

→ Take advantage of the infrastructure that welcomes you: play on clay and synthetic courts, test equipment, visit the fitness room, watch the champions.

To project yourself into the atmosphere of an adult tennis camp, come and visit our site, on site or on the web!


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