Tennis camp for adults beginner  on the weekend

Are you thinking of taking up tennis? Good idea: this sport is as good for the body as it is for the mind! However, it’s better to be initiated by a professional to quickly integrate the right gestures to perform during warm-up and on the court. Why not take advantage of the advice of our coaches during a tennis camp for beginner adults on the weekend?

The good reasons to opt for a tennis camp for beginner adults 

Between court moves, backhand and forehand, tennis is a complete sport, involving both the upper and lower body. It is therefore a very good choice to build up your muscles harmoniously and keep your figure in shape! Among other benefits, this sport also allows you to improve your cardiorespiratory capacities and your sense of coordination. But that’s not all: tennis camps for beginner adults can also help you to strengthen your mind. Patience and self-control are essential to progress in this sport!



When can you join an adult training camp ? 

Don’t worry there is no age limit to start playing tennis. Unless there is a medical contraindication, you can discover this sport at the age of 20 as well as at the age of 60. This is all the truer as personalization is at the heart of the Mouratoglou Academy’s coaching: each sporting course is adapted according to the player’s level and physical condition. You can even do fitness exercises on the spot, if necessary. We do not have any particular season to advise you either. Indeed, between the mild climate of the French Riviera and our 10 covered courts, we can welcome you all year round.

Tennis on the weekend, a good place to start ? 

To introduce you to the subtleties of tennis and discover its different techniques, it is best to have peace of mind. This is true both for adults, who are often preoccupied with their work during the week, and for children! Moreover, why not take advantage of the weekend to discover tennis for your whole family? If you wish, you can even stay at the Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort to enjoy its vast Spa and swimming pools. Only 15 km separates it from Nice airport.


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