Tennis camp adult beginner week

Are you new to tennis and want to quickly boost your skills with the little yellow ball? Find what you are looking for with a week-long special beginner’s tennis camp.

Why do a training camp for beginner adults for a week?

What makes tennis so much better is the confrontation with other players. By taking part in a week-long camp for adult beginners, you will learn how to know and understand the game of others, but also how to adapt to it. It’s a rich learning experience, especially when accompanied by a dedicated coach.

Over the course of a week, your coach will have time to help you improve your tennis technique, your weak strokes. You are not comfortable with your one-handed backhand? Or with your serve? Take the opportunity to ask him how to make strong shots that will surprise your opponents.

Doing a tennis camp when you are a beginner is the assurance of quickly reaching a level that allows you to enjoy playing.


When is the best time to do a tennis camp for adult beginners?

To get the most out of your adult tennis camp, it is important to have had the opportunity to discover a minimum of the activity beforehand. In order to last the whole week, we recommend that you come in good shape. However, beginner training camps are less demanding than intensive training and adapt to your abilities.

The objective of an internship is to make you progress in a short period of time. Thus, a summer camp will allow you to quickly pass a milestone, while the tennis clubs are at a standstill. You will leave sharpened for the lessons of the new school year.

Holidays, whatever the season, are also the best time to combine your passion for sport with a stay with your family or couple.

If you don’t have the possibility to join a club, or if you are more available during the low season, you should know that the Mouratoglou Academy, near Nice, opens its doors for beginners’ courses all year round!

Why choose to do a one-week training camp?

Tennis is of course a physical sport. But it is also mentally demanding. On a one-week course, it becomes possible to spend time learning how to prepare yourself mentally. You will be able to handle matches on the court in an appropriate manner, even if you are a beginner.

Working on your game at the same time as your mind gives you a big advantage over your competitors. It is this control over yourself that will give you the desire to persevere and grow in your tennis practice, because you will find much more pleasure in it!


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