Your education is the cornerstone of your training with us and is your passport to higher education. 

When you study with us, you can either follow the French education system which leads to a Baccalaureat or the American Curriculum which leads to a High School Diploma. 

What you need to know about our school


We are experts in developing student athletes. Our teaching staff understands the challenges involved in managing a demanding schedule of sports and study and knows how challenging this can be when you are far from home. Our committed teaching staff supports and guides our students in a positive, professional and human way, helping students to balance all aspects of their goals and stretching them to achieve their highest potential. 


Class sizes are small to allow us to make the most of classroom time and to tailor lessons to your specific needs. Teachers get to know their students well and know how to motivate and stretch their students to reach their highest potential in all subjects. 




Our French School is private and independent (6ème to Terminale) and prepares students for state exams (Brevet and Baccalaureat). 

Our International School follows the American curriculum for Middle School and High School. The School is a member of the College Board and the curriculum is NCAA approved.


150 student athletes (90 International School, 60 French School)


  • Small classes of 5-15 per class   


  • 22.5 class hours per week (including study periods)  


  • 30 teachers 


  • 100 % Baccalaureat success rate (French School)


  • 100 % High School Diploma achievement 


  • 90 % of our final year students obtain in a scholarship to join an American university 


  • Perfect environment for learning English and French 


  • Monitored evening study periods 


  • School Year; September - June 




Our goal is to find the right balance between school and tennis. At the Academy, students are encouraged to effectively manage their time and are given responsibilities which go beyond a normal schooling program.


Our students progress in small classes, which make for a unique relationship with demanding, yet supportive teachers.

The curriculum is consistently tailored to the student’s needs and results. In view of tournaments, the program is modified only if the student is up to date with school assignments. 



Program extras

Monitored studies in the evening from 8 to 9.15PM (for boarding students) 


Other programs available 

E.S.L & FLE: Extra English of French lessons
Preparation for SAT & TOEFL exams
Post-Baccalaureate follow-up