A multi-cultural approach


More than 30 nationalities live on campus year round. Students are exposed to other cultures and improve their English skills naturally through contact with their foreign peers.


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Alexis Catillon


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Our mission 


Our mission is for you to train intensively without compromising your education. We know how important it is for our student athletes to develop in both sports and at school.


Our goal is to guide and support all our student athletes with respect, passion and unrelenting dedication in order to achieve their Tennis-School projects.


Whether you dream of becoming a professional tennis player or whether you wish to reach your full potential in tennis and studies, we will equip you with the skills. Your success is our goal. 


Since our launch, our students have achieved academic and athletic excellence. The results achieved in tennis and academics have allowed our graduates access to prestigious and highly selective universities in the USA and other countries (France,Uk, Germany etc) and many have gone on to achieve very good results on the ITF, WTA and ATP circuit. 

Our Values



There are no shortcuts to success; working hard in a consistent way pays off. The lessons our students learn on and off the court help them to grow and develop personally. 

Whilst our strength is in adapting our coaching and teaching to the individual we will never adapt and modify our core values. Determination, passion, integrity, perseverance, constantly seeking improvement, being daring, being ambitious, respecting others, being fair - these are our driving forces. This is how we do things the Mouratoglou way. We do not underestimate the trust you give us in helping you achieve your life goals, and in return we aim to give you the experience of a lifetime. 


Student athletes from all over the globe choose to train and study at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy which creates a culturally rich and vibrant environment. Training and studying with students from more than 35 nationalities every day encourages our student to respect diversity and develops their inter-cultural communication skills. Many of our player athletes leave us able to speak English and/ or French fluently.