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According to Patrick Mouratoglou, competition is essential for anyone wanting to progress in tennis. What we learn on the court and what we work on relentlessly every day are only ingrained in us once we have put them into practice in competitive conditions. Only these have the ability to turn knowledge and skills into inherent assets.

Tournaments and competitions, for ongoing training

To master the fundamentals, validate their progress and improve their game, our students are required to compete in 15 to 20 tournaments per year. Supervised by their coaches, these tournaments are part of a performance optimisation and skill validation process.

Competitions are scheduled year-round and are included in the benefits of the Mouratoglou Academy Tennis & School Programme.

Personalised coaching and support

The very essence of the Mouratoglou philosophy is about supporting our players during tournaments throughout the season. In the field, players and coaches form a genuine team. Our players can count on their coaches, who observe and encourage them. There is a briefing before each match as well as a debriefing when it is over.

This dynamic allows each player to best achieve their potential and put into practice the tactics and techniques covered during the year as part of their training. This routine helps highlight the player’s strengths and areas for improvement, to help them achieve their objectives.


A full competition schedule

The Academy offers a full tournament schedule for students. It includes regional FFT (French Tennis Federation) competitions and follow-up on international Tennis Europe and ITF (International Tennis Federation) competitions and ATP and WTA tournaments.
The schedule and programme are tailored to each player’s level.

International tennis tournaments

Our trainers are in daily contact with top-level tennis players. They coach you during ITF (- 18 years) and Tennis Europe (- 14 years/- 16 years) tournaments.

This is a true springboard to a professional tennis career and to Pro Team, the Mouratoglou team of professional players.

Travel logistics for these tournaments are not included in the benefits of the Mouratoglou Academy Tennis & School Programme.


Summer Tour

Have you ever dreamt of experiencing a tournament like a professional, with wins and trophies to boot? Our coaches will take you on a three-week tour of six to eight tournaments along the French Riviera.

Participation in multiple matches, team synergies and lasting memories: with our Summer Tour, your summer is bound to be unforgettable!

Your typical day:

  • A group warm-up
  • Tailored training to suit your match schedule (tennis or fitness)
  • A constructive individual debriefing with your coach, based on detailed and objective analyses
  • Night-time events and activities to make the most of your summer evening


Refer to our online schedule

On the Academy’s website, parents of our Academy members can access the annual tournament schedule as well as the players’ daily playing times and a detailed report for each competition.


Your Tennis Project


Living at the Academy

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Admission to our tennis program requires mandatory selection tests.

It depends on a number of factors including motivation, general attitude, tennis level and academic level.

To get to know you better, we invite you to spend a week at the Academy as a visiting student. You will be in total immersion with our other academicians.

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