Created in 1996, the Mouratoglou Academy is currently recognised as one of the world’s top training centres for tennis.

Young players and world champions train at our Academy on a daily basis and take advantage of our cutting-edge sports infrastructure. The Mouratoglou Academy does an excellent job combining tennis and school to allow you to live out your dreams.


Make your dreams come true, join one of the World’s most advanced tennis academy.

Mouratoglou expertise

Ever since it was created, our Tennis & School Programme has been driven by academic and athletic excellence. Its core business? High-quality teaching combined with professional training tailored to each age group. Our intensive, high-performance programme is made up of intensive sports sessions, tournaments and a school curriculum. It is structured in such a way that our students can combine sports and top-notch education in the best conditions, without compromising on either.

A unique player, a unique game, a unique project: custom coaching


Career focus

Thanks to our expertise and network, our students can get scholarships to study at the best American universities or pursue careers as professional tennis players. Ninety-five percent of our students obtain a scholarship to join a prestigious American university upon finishing their schooling at the Mouratoglou Academy.

Think like a Champion, Act like a Champion, Become a Champion

The main reason for trying to become a professional athlete is a passion for tennis. This passion for the game – and for competition and sports – can appear at any age of childhood or adolescence. Some players dream of a career in sports at a very early age, while others discover tennis later on or take more time developing a plan.

It’s best to put together a plan as early as possible. You can’t become a professional tennis player overnight. It requires careful planning and a long-term strategy. Everything must be planned and structured – the training schedule, milestones and tournaments – based on the player and their goals. According to Patrick Mouratoglou, “Every player is their very own project”. We do our utmost to help you achieve your objectives together.



Talent, hard work and time

According to Patrick Mouratoglou, we all have capacities and potential that we can optimise. Before we can become the very best, we must become the best version of ourselves.

Talent is a gift, but the mental factor is universal. All players wanting to turn pro must work on themselves and their emotional philosophy. They must have an optimistic inner state, which corresponds to their thoughts, emotions and feelings at a given moment in time. Extraordinary results come from an extraordinary frame of mind, which itself comes from an extraordinary inner state.

Levels of progress

Real failure isn’t losing. It’s giving up on our dreams when faced with an obstacle. With the right frame of mind, we never really lose. Either we win, or we learn. Progress isn’t linear and is all the less so when the objective set is particularly ambitious.

Long-term progress towards an exceptional goal requires the establishment of interim targets. There are various levels of progress, and it is essential to learn to be patient. We must work hard, be smart and never lose sight of our longer-term goals.


Living at the Academy

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Mouratoglou Philosophy

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Admission to our tennis program requires mandatory selection tests.

It depends on a number of factors including motivation, general attitude, tennis level and academic level.

To get to know you better, we invite you to spend a week at the Academy as a visiting student. You will be in total immersion with our other academicians.

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