Tennis & School for a teens at competition level

What is Tennis & School teens competition level all about ?

The Tennis & School formula, for competition-level teenagers, is the perfect way to prepare them to become professional players. The program is mentioned for those who demonstrate self-discipline and are truly motivated.

Why register for the Tennis & School program ?

The Tennis & School training for a competition level teenager allows to follow regular school lessons, while benefiting from intensive training (tennis and physical preparation). To help them on their journey, registered students have the option of receiving optional school support during their studies. Their coaches and teachers intervene while respecting the framework of the structure. The trainings include the following aspects: technical, tactical, physical, mental. The tennis and physical preparation lessons are led by certified coaches, focused on the development of each player and this according to their level. With the Tennis & School program for a teenager at a competition level, all students are also trained to take part in tournaments. They are benefiting from a medical check-up at the start of the year, medical care (osteopathic care and recovery massage available as an option). It is important to choose a specialized Tennis & School training center, renowned for the quality of its programs as well as when it comes to the professionalism of its coaches. The Mouratouglou Academy is a prime example.


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What are the advantages of Tennis & School for a teenager at competition level ?

Tennis & School for a competition level teenager allows registered teens to experience a sporting immersion while continuing their academic career. Their personal development – sports and academic – is ensured by a high-level management team. Daily intensive training, school courses and tournaments are planned throughout the year. The intended purpose is to lead to a university / sports sector in the United States or entry to a professional circuit. The Tennis & School program for a teenager at competition level gives the adolescents more autonomy, encourages their efforts and sense of responsibility. It also allows them to grasp the realistic challenges of the daily life of professional tennis players. Internships are offered to competition-level adolescents, even during the holidays.

The combined Tennis & School for a competition level teenager is a real-life project for young people who are attracted to a professional career. They learn to reach and even exceed their full potential.


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