We help our students achieve their full athletic and academic potential.
To motivate them to surpass themselves and push their limits ever-further, we are guided by our values and the Mouratoglou philosophy.


Upon entering the Academy, you are asked to choose between a French or an international curriculum. The academic success of our students is our priority, up there with athletic success.

It is particularly important because it provides a solid base for building the future of our students.

Our two schools are located on the campus, both offering high-level teaching and support.


Our mission: your success

Our main mission is to support all of our Academy members as they put together their programmes and projects, from design to implementation. For us, every student is their very own project. And our students’ projects are built cohesively between the students themselves, their parents and their teachers.

For our French and international schools, our team of experienced teachers is capable of adapting to the requirements of our students’ dual programme. They understand the related challenges and potential difficulties.


Optimal environment

With more than 40 nationalities represented on the campus, our multicultural environment is rewarding and facilitates the learning of languages.

Our small classes, limited to 15 students, allow us to provide our Academy members with a high-quality education and best meet their needs.

School schedules are also adapted to enable our students to train and study under the best possible conditions.

Supervised evening study sessions are organised, giving students the opportunity to keep up on their homework.


Programmes and diplomas

Our two schools allow us to offer a multitude of school programmes.
We have an American (middle school and then high school) programme, starting in Grade 5. This curriculum prepares students for the high school diploma.
We also offer a certified French (middle school and high school) curriculum, preparing students for the Brevet des Collèges and then the Baccalauréat.
Lastly, we have a Summer School programme, enabling you to take classes during the summer.

Classes and assessment method

Our programmes include core courses – English, Maths, French, Science and History – as well as foreign language classes and various electives.
Continuous assessments (classwork, homework, quizzes, tests, projects and presentations) make up for 70% of the final grade. Semester exams account for 30%. GPA is computed using letter grades A to F.

Online tools

Our school strives to be connected. It uses technology to provide our students with access to the best online educational content. Moreover, the use of an online grade book, Easyscole, facilitates communication with parents, giving them access to their child’s grades and attendance records.

USA scholarship programme

The quality of education at the Academy, as well as our network of partners, enable many of our students to obtain scholarships to study at prestigious American universities once they have completed their curriculum.

Excellence, rigour, hard work: a sound mind in a sound body.

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Your Tennis Project

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Mouratoglou Philosophy

Admission to our tennis program requires mandatory selection tests.

It depends on a number of factors including motivation, general attitude, tennis level and academic level.

To get to know you better, we invite you to spend a week at the Academy as a visiting student. You will be in total immersion with our other academicians.

Join our tennis & school program