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Where your mind goes, your body follows, provided that you have the mentality of a champion. When Patrick Mouratoglou created the Mouratoglou Academy as a life project dedicated to tennis and school, he was driven by passion and an ambition, which was to help thousands of young players make their dreams come true.

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Our objective: The success of our students, during their athletic, academic and professional careers.

We guide our Academy members on the path to success, whether they want to become tennis players in the ATP tour or pursue a distinguished academic career.

Sport as a school of life

The organisational framework in place at the Mouratoglou Academy has been optimised for athletic and academic excellence.

We are convinced that tennis is a genuine “school of life”. Combined with a suitable education, it helps children reach their full potential.

The lessons learned when practising high-level tennis – humility, hard work, perseverance and self-confidence – can be applied to all aspects of life.

Become the best version of yourself

At the Mouratoglou Academy, our students learn to manage success and develop a sense of hard work and readiness for effort. The sustained pace of classes and training empowers them and develops their sense of autonomy.

In the classroom and on the courts, they acquire confidence and self-control. Our multicultural environment teaches our Academy members to move out of their comfort zones to find new ways of progressing and achieving their full potential.

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The Mouratoglou Method.

We put students-athletes at the centre of our attention.

The Mouratoglou method, which has been tested and approved by world champions for many years, is focused on rigour, hard work and self-control.  There isn’t one Mouratoglou Method but several.

We are accountable for our players’ achievements, as affirmed by Patrick Mouratoglou.

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The art of personalised support

The Mouratoglou coaching philosophy is one of the reasons why our Academy is unique and among the best in the world. Coaching is personalised and tailored to each and every player, from an early age. All of our coaches are perfectly acquainted with their players. They understand how they work and know what their strengths and motivations are.

Positive and constructive input

Our trainers and supervisors give input that is meant to be constructive and positive. The principle is to develop our players and their projects in harmony with their profiles. We strive to tirelessly address their shortcomings and build their skills to make them exceptional.

Coaches play a critical role. They are asked to set an example and put their teachings into action on a daily basis. For us, rigour is only meaningful if it applies to everyone.

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An offensive playing style

Our tennis philosophy is geared towards a single objective: winning on the court. Intensive training, divided into tennis training, fitness sessions and tactical and mental preparation, leaves no room for chance. Every single dimension of tennis performance is studied and worked on all year round, in keeping with the season’s events and the corresponding objectives.  We are accountable for our players’ achievements. When they step into the court, they are ready and confident.


Your Tennis Goals


Living at the Academy

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L’admission à notre programme tennis-études exige des tests de sélection obligatoires.

Elle dépend d’un certain nombre de facteurs notamment la motivation, l’attitude générale, le niveau de tennis et le niveau académique. 

Afin de mieux vous connaître, nous vous invitons à passer une semaine à l’Académie en tant qu’étudiant visiteur. Vous serez en immersion totale avec nos autres académiciens.

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