Tennis coaching junior beginner in the evening

Why start tennis coaching for junior beginners in the evening?

Your child wants to start tennis but has little free time? Perhaps tennis coaching for junior beginners in the evening is a solution? This type of training will be perfectly suited to your child’s schedule since it allows to learn tennis basics at a time when he/she is fully available. He will be able to progress quickly and thrive by practicing a sport that pleases him.

The Mouratoglou Academy offers tailor-made coaching that allows juniors to work on all aspects of tennis in a personalized way while improving their physical condition. Your child will be followed by an experienced trainer and will benefit from the high-end facilities of the academy, that is to say many indoor and outdoor courts, a fitness room, a medical center, a multisports field, a pro-shop, etc. Thanks to the regular training of his tennis coaching for junior beginners in the evening, he/she will quickly be able to participate in competitions and to face motivated opponents, which will allow to work on the fact of surpassing himself.


How to choose a tennis coach?

For tennis coaching for junior beginners in the evening will be effective, the coach who takes care of it must have certain essential qualities. Indeed, he must be able to quickly analyze the play of his young students in order to emphasize their qualities and flaws, have facilities to communicate whatever the character of the person he has in front of him, and always manage to establish a privileged link with the trainee in order to be able to motivate him/her in all circumstances. At the Mouratoglou Academy we know that all these qualities are essential to be able to provide high quality coaching. Therefore our coaches are hand-picked. They are therefore fully capable of providing a complete instruction to your child, combining tennis training, fitness sessions and matches. In addition to this we work on self-confidence and mental preparation so that your child quickly adopts the attitude of a champion and always goes further during tournaments. Book your tennis coaching for junior beginners in the evening now and give them every chance of reaching the highest level.


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