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Tennis Coaching Junior, the coaching for champions

Whether he plays it for fun or if he is really passionate about it, tennis plays a key role in your child’s daily development. Why not subscribe him to a tennis camp during his next school holidays and give him the opportunity to join a tennis-study program. Between sport, learning how to push beyond his limits and performance, the benefits of a tennis coaching junior are numerous for the players!


Progressing and improving thanks to a Tennis Coaching Junior

Thanks to its intensity and customization, this tennis coaching allows you to progress a lot and fast thanks to regular training. This program is designed to adapt to the age and to the tennis level of young players.

By dividing the groups into small ones, the professional trainers are able to accompany each player individually on the tennis court. Whether he is a beginner, an advanced player or competitive at heart, each young player will progress at their own pace.

A junior tennis training is a unique opportunity to perfect your playing technique,notably thanks to our competition coaching program dedicated to juniors. From your forehand, backhand, ball spins to all the different tactics, our programs are built around each player’s strengths and weaknesses. The coaches’ mission is to prepare the player to face the toughest competitions and opponents.

The physical condition approach is innovative and performance-oriented. This is why a 360° teaching is privileged, combining tennis training, fitness exercises and the possibility to try other team sports. Switching sports is the best way to build a solid physical condition and work on pushing your limits.

Working on your self-confidence and mental preparation are also two very important points of our junior training. The long-term goal? Have the mental toughness of a real champion during the matches and always go further in the tournaments!


Is enrolling in a junior tennis camp during the holidays a good idea?

In order to be effective, a tennis camp generally lasts a whole week. The holidays are therefore the perfect time to enroll your child in this type of sports camp. This will allow him to devote himself entirely to the practice of tennis, without having to worry about his academic responsibilities.

At the Mouratoglou Academy, for example, you can choose between several different dates according to the different periods of the year: low season, mid season and high season. So you can take advantage of the summer, spring, All Saints day or even Christmas holidays to offer a junior tennis training to your racket prodigy.

In addition, besides the sportive and physical activity, the camp is a complete cultural immersion for the child. The latter, will be immersed in a highly social and multicultural environment, he will be in contact with people from different nationalities. Just like traveling, a camp contributes to the open- mindedness and personal development of the youngsters.

Do you want to go even further and offer a memorable experience to your child? Optional foreign language courses are also available. These courses focus on the vocabulary of tennis and sports. The idea is to make this holiday both instructive and entertaining at the same time, so that young athletes can learn while having fun.


Junior coaching and Tennis Studies: to go even further

The Mouratoglou Academy goes one step further and offers an immersive tennis-study program all along the year. This program allows young athletes to benefit from Mouratoglou tennis training methods in their daily training and to build their life plan.

Our tennis training for juniors is a crucial step to build the career of young athletes. The training is built with an individual, customized and personalized approach that will allow young athletes in the making to develop their full potential. Participating in numerous tournaments throughout the year will allow them to acquire a first experience in high-level competition. Mental training plays a main role in our junior training.



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