Tennis Coaching for children Competition

Why begin tennis coaching sessions for children competition-level?

Competition-level tennis coaching for children allows them to develop their natural talent for the sport thanks to regular training sessions and coaches’ judicious advice. Over the course of their competition-level tennis coaching, your youngster will learn all the little techniques that set elite competitors apart from good players. He or she will be exposed to different types of games and learn how to go beyond themself to win sets and matches. Competition-level tennis coaching for children can even be adapted to fit your schedule: you can choose between evening and after school sessions, weekend training so as to be totally free, or even during school holidays for a longer and more intense session! No matter your constraints, you’re sure to find competition-level tennis coaching that suits your son or daughter.


How to choose your tennis coach?

Of course, your child’s training must be placed in the hands of someone responsible. The person leading competition-level tennis coaching for children is required by law to possess a national certification allowing him to do so. This is not simply an administrative formality, but a way of verifying a coach’s competency and ensuring that he is able to keep in mind a child’s limitations so as to foster progress without risk of injury. A competition-level children’s tennis coach must also be a skillful teacher. The most important thing isn’t the coach’s own playing abilities but how he is able to communicate coaching and help his pupil improve. If your child wants to train tennis more quickly and intensively, coaching is possible over a week, on Wednesdays or Saturdays. To use an example from football, Thierry Henry, the French national team’s best striker who scored 51 goals, only lasted a few months as the coach of AS Monaco because he struggled to communicate with players and get results. The specialists in charge of competition-level tennis coaching for children at the Mouratoglou Academy were chosen precisely for their ability to communicate: the Mouratoglou Academy, as it happens, has been the European reference for tennis training for more than 20 years. It’s not for nothing that this academy founded by Patrick Mouratoglou, famous for training Serena Williams and helping her win some of her most prestigious titles, is the n°1 tennis academy in Europe!

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