Tennis coaching children for beginners on Wednesdays

Why enroll your child in a tennis coaching children for beginners on Wednesdays?

The Mouratoglou Academy offers kids tennis training for beginners on Wednesday. Wednesday is the most convenient day to practice sport since children don’t have classes and are therefore available to dedicate to their tennis training. For the parents who work and can not take care of them, it is a relief to know that they are in good hands, dedicating their free time to high quality training. The kids tennis training for beginners on Wednesday is especially designed for young players who are beginning to play tennis or who master the basics, but want to progress fast. If it is the first time that your child plays tennis, it is important that he can start his training by learning the good bases and the right gestures.

Nothing is more difficult than correcting techniques that have been wrongly acquired. This is why the intervention of a professional sports coach is essential. The kids tennis training for beginners on Wednesday will help your son or your daughter to avoid getting injured by improving their position and their gestures. The Mouratoglou Academy allows its students, in their kids tennis training for beginners on Wednesdays program, to experiment with different surfaces and different playing styles.


How to choose a tennis coach?

The success of a tennis training program depends to a large extent on the qualities and pedagogy of the coach. In other terms, the person who is in charge of teaching your child plays a decisive role, just as the teaching method that he uses. This is why it is necessary to take the time to choose the right coach. You don’t necessarily need a former champion. A coach obviously needs to know the sport that he teaches, that’s why, it is important that he has practiced it himself. But what’s even more important is that he knows the training techniques well. In the case of a kids tennis training for beginners on Wednesday, the coach has to know how to adapt to the level of his student.

He also has to take care of the time constraints, since the child will only have one session per week, when he doesn’t have classes. He should be able to find the approach and the words that will inspire his student to practice tennis. By choosing the Mouratoglou Academy for your child, you will have the guarantee that he will be monitored by a carefully selected coach, who will know how to adapt to his level and take into account his initial difficulties and his successes.

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