Tennis Coaching Children Beginners Evening

Why enroll in a Tennis Coaching Children Beginners Evening?

When a child starts playing tennis, he needs to learn to enjoy playing and to win the respect of his opponent. He also needs to work on the basics and fundamentals of this sport in an intensive way in order to learn the right gesture and posture. This is the goal of our kids tennis training for beginners in the evenings which is specifically designed to help your child improve quickly, feel at ease on the court and have more fun playing. The Mouratoglou Academy offers training sessions in which your child will be taken care of by a certified coach. This coach has all the necessary skills to listen to and transmit his knowledge to your child. He will be able to take advantage of all the high quality facilities of our school, located at the heart of the French Riviera near Nice. He will have access to hard and clay courts, to multisport grounds, to a medical center, a professional shop, etc. By booking a kids tennis training for beginners in the evening, you can be sure that he will start playing tennis in ideal conditions.

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How to choose a tennis coach?

The success of your child in his tennis training for beginners in the evening will largely depend on the person who will coach him. So you have to be sure that he has all the necessary qualities. At the Mouratoglou Academy, we know that a good coach is not necessarily a former high level player but he must be able to quickly analyze the potential of his students in order to offer them personalized support. He also needs to have great communication skills in order to always find the right words to transmit his knowledge. This person will motivate your child and will give him the desire to push beyond his limitis even in difficult moments.This is why the trainers at the Mouratoglou Academy are selected carefully and do everything that is in their power to offer your child a personalized program aiming to work on their strengths and their weaknesses. Do you want your child to start playing tennis in ideal conditions? Do not hesitate any longer and book a kids tennis training for beginners in the evening!

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