Tennis coaching for children: A tennis camp to discover and progress

Is your child passionate about the little yellow ball and the Wimbledon or Roland Garros championships? Does he show promising tennis skills?
Subscribe him to a tennis camp for kids to give him the opportunity to live his passion in complete immersion. Training centers welcome beginners and advanced level players, with a tennis coaching adapted to the level of the child.

Why enroll him in a tennis training camp for children?

The tennis coaching for children is for beginners or advanced tennis players. Each champ is designed to allow the child to progress, while taking into account his current level.

Improving your tennis technique according to his body

In a tennis session for kids each trainer has a specific program for his group. Children will of course, train on a court, with a racket in hand. They work in their backhand and forehand, their posture and learn how to read the opponent’s game. But the coaches also strive to teach the values of a healthy lifestyle. They address the issues of the player’s nutrition and mental health. Other more global activities are also proposed, such as fitness and yoga. The child will have all the cards in hand to improve his level, if he wants to do so. If your child wishes to exercise tennis in competition, we offer a dedicated coaching program.

Discovering tennis in a real training center

The environment and the atmosphere of the center are paramount in the motivation of the young tennis player. A tennis camp for kids is the perfect opportunity to experience this sport in a complete immersive experience. By choosing a center frequented by the best, such as the Mouratoglou Academy, maybe he will even have the chance to train with players he has seen in magazines or on tv. Which could be an unforgettable experience for him! If your child dreams of playing tennis but has no basis, no worries, we also have coaching for beginner children!

Learning to go beyond his limits thanks to the strength of the group

Tennis is a demanding sport, for children who want to progress. A camp will allow your child to express his insecurities and to go beyond them, thanks to the energy of the group. Children’s tennis coaches are trained to deal with those emotions and to help them come back to the court, stronger, and more confident. Thanks to a personalized training and the tact of the coaches, no child is left on the bench.

To discover oneself and grow, in an stimulating environment

Nobody is the same after a tennis camp. A week in a training center is not only technical tennis training, It is also a strong experience, which shapes the child and helps him gain self confidence. It gives him the opportunity to create strong bonds with his classmates who share the same passion for tennis! Introducing your child to an environment other than that of the family is extremely enriching, when it is safe and stimulating.

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When to reserve a tennis camp for your child?

Tennis camp for kids during holidays

If your child’s weekly schedule is already very busy, why not take advantage of the holidays to allow your child to reveal his full potential on the court? Our tennis trainings for kids take place during one week, in three versions:

– Full board: For those who live far or who need to be completely immersed to progress;
– During the day: The children go back home in the evening and come back to the center the next morning;
– Half a day: (each morning, for a week): the most suitable for children between 6-8 years.

Tennis camp weekend for kids

Weekend camps are available, for high quality tennis training, all throughout the year.

Tennis camp week during the school year

For children who are homeschooled, or young players who come from abroad and who don’t follow the French school calendar, the Mouratoglou Academy offers tennis camps for children even during the French school year.

The Mouratoglou Academy is known for the added value of its camps. The selected coaches have already proven to be very effective with children. The center is completely adapted to training camps, with facilities that are perfect for it. We respond to the needs of parents and children, by offering enriched camps, such as the tennis-english camp or the multisport camp (focus on tennis). The Mouratoglou Academy reveals your child’s talents!

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