Tennis coaching adults

Adult beginners or confirmed adults can only flourish in their sport with a personalized training, designed to maximize their potential and optimize the time spent on the course. Tailor-made tennis coaching for adults takes into account the student’s abilities and aptitudes but also his or her objective: what pushes them to improve and often even surpass themself.

Why go with tennis coaching for adults ?

What are the reasons to start an adult tennis coaching? Each age, each level has its own motivations. Whether you wish to take private lessons with a tennis pro to live a new experience or to prepare for a regional or international competition, tennis coaching for adults is the solution. Planned according to your availability and taking into account the indispensable recovery time, training with a professional tennis coach is both methodical and rigorous. The objectives to be reached are then defined over the long term but respecting different stakes.

As a licensee, you are looking for targeted adult tennis coaching that suits you perfectly: it is, first of all, by feeling that you will recognize the ideal coach for you, the one who will guide you for your sporting evolution and who will direct you towards the appropriate competitions if you are a professional tennis player.


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How to choose your tennis coach ?

The adult tennis coach’s vocation is to bring you to your highest level of performance while taking into account your learning rhythm. He or she has a state diploma (Brevet d’État d’éducateur sportif, Diplôme d’État supérieur de la jeunesse, de l’éducation populaire et du sport) but above all, they have increased experience in the practice of tennis.

Mouratoglou helps you to choose the perfect teacher for your training or refresher course. Led by the most influential coach in the world of tennis, Patrick Mouratoglou, this academy, located in the heart of the French Riviera, is today a worldwide reference, acclaimed by the greatest players. Mouratoglou tennis coaches focus above all on pedagogy and method to stimulate and encourage their students.

Always focused on the individual, our tennis coaching for adults never neglects the player’s physical limits and is based on a very precise programme. Do not hesitate to discuss at length with your coach so that they know precisely what your ambitions are and how you envisage your sporting future.

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