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Coaching Corner

Learn professional tips from Mouratoglou Academy’s coaches to improve your tennis technique and your knowledge on the court.

Discover the pillars of Mouratoglou’s method

The Mouratoglou Academy is committed to transmitting the Mouratoglou philosophy daily. Practice’ methods, pre-game preparation, advice to choose the right materials, tips to keep your mental state during a game… Discover the fundamentals of Mouratoglou’s method. Whether you are a novice, an amateur or, a high-level dreamer, our advice is for players with the wish of reaching the top. Learn a condensed set of tips to implement on the court as soon as possible!



Make a drop-shot, prepare a two-handed backhand, understanding the basics of the cross-court forehand to simply learning how to serve, there are many technical skills in tennis. Learn to master those skills in order to play at the highest technical level.


Physical & mental preparation

Physical and mental preparation is crucial in winning a tennis match. Learn our tips to prepare, handle important moments, work on your self-confidence or manage your injuries. And leave to confront your opponent more prepared than ever.



Tennis balls, strings, rackets, but also clothing items… All these elements should be chosen with care to ensure maximum fluidity of your movements on the court. Learn to choose them from our coaching staff.

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