A dedicated team of tennis coaches, fitness coaches and mental coaches all instructed in our coaching methods. Their passion and methodical approach provides our campers, student athletes, and pro-players with fully rounded and complete training. 




I have dedicated my whole life to my passion, that of transmitting my tennis knowledge, acquired over the years, to my players and to the coaches around me. 


My goal has always been to allow every player to maximize his potential through my individualized training method. People often ask me, what is the Mouratoglou methodIn all honesty, my method is to not have one, or rather to never believe that ONE size fits all. I am constantly questionning myself. I adapt to each and every player in order to find the solutions to make him win. 


At the Academy, every player is considered to be unique and a project in itself, regardless of his level - camper, student-athlete or pro player. It´s this approach and philosophy that I share with all the coaches at the Academy and which has proved itself at the very best level time and time again. 


From my coaches, I expect the same dedication and motivation which drives me every morning as well as demand the same rigor and determination I apply with Serena on a daily basis. 


  • Kereï ABAKAR
  • Jean-Francois BACHELOT
  • Christophe BERGUES
  • Alexandre BLOSSIER
  • Virgile BOISSAVY
  • Mathis DI MAIO
  • Salvino DI PIETRA 
  • Sébastien EYROLLES 
  • Rodolphe FABRE
  • Francois FAJON
  • Yannick  FAQUE
  • Alexandre FAUSTINO
  • Bastien FAZINCANI
  • Christelle FERRET
  • Christophe FICOT
  • Vincent HUNAULT
  • Lorenz ILG
  • Giorgio JACQUET
  • Julien JEANPIERRE 
  • Régis LAVERGNE 
  • Sylwia MAJEWSKA 
  • Vlad POPA
  • Nanette SCHUTTE
  • Mickaël SICCO 
  • Romain VAN RILLAS


  • Francis BOUGY 
  • Gerald CORDEMY (responsable)
  • Sébastien DURAND 
  • Vasek JURSIK 
  • Paul VINEL 
  • Emmanuel YAGUE 


  • Emmanuel HEUSSNER
  • Sophie MAURISSEN