Tennis camp children beginner weekend

Why not send your child on a tennis camp children beginner on the weekend ?

From the age of six, your child can start playing sports on a regular basis. It’s a good time to send them on a beginner’s weekend tennis course at the Mouratoglou Academy. They will learn all about the internationally renowned sport and what it can bring them.

Tennis is an accessible sport for children, which promotes socializing by immersing them in a stimulating and exciting environment. It allows the children to improve their hand-eye coordination and their dexterity. It also improves their strength and flexibility and gently introduces them to healthy competition.



When’s the best time for a camp when starting out ?

Tennis is a demanding sport with many health benefits. It strengthens the cardiovascular system and develops muscles while softening the joints.

A children’s weekend beginner’s tennis course can be a good option to start out in the sport, especially if your child is young and not used to physical activity. They will discover all the benefits of the sport in sessions adapted to their level and in a fun setting, outside of school hours.

They will learn that the benefits of tennis go beyond the court and quickly understand that sport provides many life lessons: discipline, respect for others, analysis of strategies, critical thinking.

Tennis camp children beginner weekend: the best way to start ?

Why is a children’s weekend beginner’s tennis course ideal for discovering the sport? This format is interesting because it allows children to immerse themselves in the world of tennis and discover all its advantages quickly and easily.

if you choose to enroll them in children’s weekend beginner’s tennis course at Mouratoglou Academy, they will relax and have fun during taster activities which are specially adapted according to their level, especially

They will meet new friends with who they already have common interests and build character thanks to the physical training that the sport requires.

If they are wondering about playing tennis or if you simply want to show them what a backhand is, the short but full weekend course is the most suitable option.

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