Built in 2016, the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy Resort is an American- style campus, purpose- built to cater for all the needs of a young student athlete on and off the court. 



At the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, the campus is on site, where the school and the courts also are. And every detail has been considered to provide the comfort and equipment needed for all of our players. On-site staff at all times, nutritious food, high-speed internet, air-conditioned rooms… You name it. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Welcome home!

A genuine window on the world, the Mouratoglou Campus gathers youngsters from more than 35 different nationalities, whether they are campers or student-athletes. You will be immersed in a resolutely multicultural environment, allowing you to learn from different visions and cultures. At the Academy, we don’t only shape champions on the court. We shape great human beings off it. It’s always been our primary mission. 



The Academy is going to be your daily life, so we better make you feel at home. And it starts with great security. Our boarding house staff will be on site at all times to ensure your safety and let nothing be lacking. That should not be the case, anyway: In each of our 70 rooms (either single, double or triple), we provide a bathroom, individual lockers and wardrobes, and wifi firewall.

Also at their disposal in the boarding house, our students will be able to take advantage of a laundry, a games room (including pool table and table tennis) and a TV room. We shall also precise that boys and girls live in separate wings of the building.



As being professional also means taking care of what you eat, our meals have been designed with an internationally renowned French sports nutritionist in order to provide the right balance of nutrients and meet the rigorous physical challenges of our sports athletes. Healthy, varied meals are all prepared on site and are tailor-made for athletes. On top of that, gluten-free and other dietary requirements are available as well as individual nutrition plans (on request).