Endorsed by Academy mentor and pro player Jérémy Chardy, the Tennis-Study program created ten years ago, is recognized as one of the best sport and study educational program in the world. It combines the expertise and intensity related to high-level tennis with the complete mastery of the educational program. 


A multi-cultural approach


More than 30 nationalities live on campus year round. Students are exposed to other cultures and improve their English skills naturally through contact with their foreign peers.



Antoine Tassart


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Our mission 


Sponsored by Jeremy Chardy, our Tennis and Study program, launched 10 years ago, offers our students both a high level athletic training and an outstanding academic education. Our program enables to harmoniously combine intensive training, tournaments and school curriculum.


The goal is to enable our students to build a long term project around sports and education, leading to a professional tennis career or to the enrollment into an American University sports program.


To achieve these goals, our teaching, not limited to the tennis court or classroom, seeks to increase self-assurance, appreciate hard work and the meaning of sacrifice. At the end of their education, our students become responsible adults with a shining career, they will have the opportunity to become professional players and/or graduate from an American University.


Since 2003, our students’ athletic and academic performances have been outstanding: 100% graduated from high school, hundreds of enrollment in American Universities, and very good results on the ITF, WTA, and ATP circuits.

Selection criteria



Enrolling in the Academy provides access to a top-notch teaching, specifically designed to combine an athletic training and an academic education. We have high requirements and expect our students to show a strong-will, good listening skills and the ability to question themselves.


Recruitment is not exclusively based on objective criteria such as grades or school records, we also assess each candidate’s attitude and motivation.

We ask candidates who wish to enroll in one of our programs to register for a weekly camp at the Academy. It gives them the opportunity to get to know our environment, other players, our coaches and teaching staff, and for us to assess their capabilities through a series of tests (academic, tennis, fitness, interview).