For 3 days each candidate benefits from a full training in which he or she will be assessed and then hopefully selected to partake in a free training of 5 to 10 weeks at the Academy. 

DAY 1: 8aM - 5pm



- Discover facilities

-  Presentation of the coaching program & encounter with speakers

- Sport organization of the Academy


Patrick Mouratoglou  method

- Master the 8 key points of the game

- The 10 steps to achieve excellence 

- The 11 fundamentals of a tennis match 

- Technical basics

- Tactical basics  

- The 10 coaching frameworks 




The best of Adult teaching (PTR mode)

Basics of teaching the tennis strokes

-  Progressive exercises to teach net play (approach, volleys, overhead, drop shots etc…)

-  Correcting the biomechanical aspects of the tennis strokes

-  Tennis practice drills 



day 2: 8am - 5pm 


Physical preparation at the Academy

 Warm-up, coaching session themes and organization, on-court pratical exercises 

Sport-medicine center 

Synergies between physical preparation & medical environment 



Discover Cardio Tennis (PTR)
- Demonstration of a typical session
- Concept of the program and how to do it
- Exercises & session organization

DAY 3: 8am - 5pm  



Sports business basics in a worldclass organization

- How to conduct oneself (first impression etc.) ?

-  How to become a sports presenter 

-  How to manage a team ?

- How to build customer loyalty ?




High-Level Tennis

- Introducing the high-level philosophy of the Academy

- Mental approach

- Training exhibition 

- Meeting with a pro player 

- Parents, coaches & players : the athletic triangle