Our Academy enables each individual camper or student-athlete to develop their strength of character and adopt a progressive mindset in the classroom as well as on the court. To learn how to perform at the very best is our main driver to success. The quest for results is our No1 priority.


I have dedicated the last twenty years of my life in guiding and assisting young players and tennis professionals to succeed in their tennis project. Over the years, I have witnessed and experienced many special moments on and off the court throughout my collaborations with Marcos Baghdatis, Grigor Dimitrov and more recently with Serena Williams. 


All of these coaching projects turned successful thanks to a specific coaching method, which I have put together over the years with all of the players I was fortunate enough to work with. 


Our vision, is first and foremost to build a true lifetime sport and education project around our student-athletes. Our tennis-study program enables our students to combine intensive training sessions with an adapted school curriculum throughout the year. A reference program, which has become the provider for the best student-athletes in the American University Tennis League (the NCAA). 




Patrick Mouratoglou

Founder & CEO

Whatever your level of play,  you will be surrounded by a contagious ambition and spirit which PERMEATES EVERYTHING WE DO HERE. 

Each year we welcome hundreds of players from 5 to 25 years of age whose common goal is the desire to learn and grow. Our Academy has more than what it takes to meet the needs and requirements of every player.


Whatever your tennis level, you will be exposed to a contagious ambition and spirit which permeates everything that we do here.


The ability to listen, tailor-made trainings, high-intensity, an ongoing search for efficiency and performance are the hallmarks of our philosophy and methodology at Mouratoglou. These skills are available to every single one of our players.


Academy coaches are passionate and demanding at the same time. They challenge themselves every day to offer the best possible coaching solutions and support to our players all year round.


It is with the same commitment and passion that the Academy welcomes and supports, for a week, a few of months or several years, players from all around the world. We're proud to have trained more than 2.000 players from more than 35 nationalities in 2016. This involves thousands of coaching hours and more than 6,000 supervised matches in France and around the world. Welcome to the Academy. 


Charles Auffray

General Manager